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Cross border business leaders community

GFA Kids Club, focuses on our GFA community business leaders' kids have a creative kids education, and empower kids to acquire practical knowledge and skills.

Educate Kids on Real Life Business and Internet Tech

GFA Kids Club is an online education program for Kids ages 6-16 years old. We educate kids on real life skills, business mindset, creative thinking, internet tech, web marketing, e-commerce and language learning, helping kids become the future elites who are better adapted to the future.

Take part in this program as our platform matches your children with the best private foreign teachers for English and business. Start today!

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Business and Technical Class

Helping kids become the future leaders

GFA Kids Club community

Exclusive access to GFA Kids club events & learning materials

All About Global from Asia

What is GFA?

We are a Cross Border E‑Commerce Business Leaders Community. Global From Asia, established in 2013, has now become the world’s largest Cross Border E-Commerce Community platform for cross border business leaders to learn, network, and make business partnerships.

GFA Kids Club Technical Class

Do you want to give your kids Real Life Skills?

Do you want your kids to become future elites or leaders?

We are offering amazing knowledge and skills for your kids.

Technical Class Contents:

Business Mindset + Building Your Own Company

Modern Day Investments Branding + Logo Ideas

Cross Border eCommerce Overview + Logic

Visual Arts Enlightenment + Graphic Design

Copywriting + Ad Writing

Filmmaking Content Marketing + Audio & Video Editing

Domain Names + Website Development Coding

Fans Economy + Audience Building

Community Management

Customer Management

Time Managing + Bookkeeping + Office Docs

Metaverse + Future Game(Minecraft)

More courses will be coming soon...

*The courses above are provided by experts from our Global From Asia community, and our Shadstone team.

Who can join the GFA Kids Club?

The GFA Kids Club is for you, parents, who want to invest in your kids’ receiving real world, practical skills, and insights.

The Club is for kids ages 6-16, who have basic English communication skills, want to learn Real Life skills, interested in Business and Internet Tech and want to become future elites.

How To Participate?

You can sign up to apply to the GFA Kids Club. If your application is approved, you can purchase the membership package and officially become our member. The club will arrange a technical class for member kids every week, geared towards learning Real Life Skills, Business and Internet Tech, and e-Commerce.

How To Participate?
👩‍🎓👨‍🎓GFA Kids Club

Member Package

Quarterly Member

12 Times Technical Classes Package
60 mins (1v10) : 348 USD / 2400 RMB

Half Year Member

24 Times Technical Classes Package
60 mins (1v10) : 610 USD / 4200 RMB

Yearly Member

52 Times Technical Classes Package
60 mins (1v10) : 1162 USD / 8000 RMB

* Classes are arranged on Sunday 19:00-20:00pm, 10 Kids One Group.
* Membership is valid for 1 year, The package fee once paid, is non-refundable, but can transfer to friends.

What are the benefits of joining the GFA Kids Club?

Access to exclusive, member-only classes or events.
Join in online technical class and members-only KIDS community group.
GFAkids certificate showing the amount of classes completed.
Access to a vault of learning book materials.
Accelerated kids global networking & connections.

Class Platform To Use

Teachers will use zoom or classin for class teaching, and also will teach kids some computer skills, so you need to prepare a mac computer with mouse or iPad.

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