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GFA Kids Club | Educate Kids on Real Life Business & Internet Tech

GFA Kids Club was established to help the GFA (Global From Asia) VIP Members and other business leaders’s kids have a creative kids education, and empower kids to acquire practical knowledge and skills.

It fulfills this goal via an online networking and online education platform for kids ages 6 to 16 years old.

We educate kids on real life skills, business mindset, creative thinking, language learning, web marketing, e-commerce and internet tech – helping kids become the future elites or leaders who are better adapted to the future.

Take part in this program as our platform matches your children with the best private foreign teachers for English and business, Start today!

GFA-Kids Club, 帮助我们 Global From Asia 企业主的孩子们,接受创新的儿童教育,让孩子们掌握实用的知识和技能。帮助6到16岁的孩子,通过在线社交和在线教育,培养孩子商业头脑,创造性思维,互联网营销和技术,跨境电商以及各种语言类学习,帮助孩子成为未来社会的精英或领导者,更适应未来的新社会。

我们将为您的孩子对接最合适孩子的外教私教老师, 提供最好的英语学习和商务学习的机会,快来加入吧~

1. What is Global From Asia? GFA是什么组织?

Global From Asia (GFA)is a cross border eCommerce business leaders community+incubator.

Helping You Grow Your Global Cross Border eCommerce Business.


Want to give your kids Real Life Skills? 

Want your kids become the future elites or leaders?

We are offering amazing knowledge and skills for your kids. 




Technical Class  技能培训课

  • Business Mindset + Building Your Own Company 
  • Modern Day Investments Branding + Logo Ideas 
  • Cross Border eCommerce Overview + logistics 
  • Visual Arts Enlightenment + Graphic Design
  • Copywriting + Ad Writing
  • Filmmaking Content Marketing + Audio & Video Editing
  • Domain Names + Website Development Coding 
  • Fans Economy + Audience Building 
  • Community Management
  • Customer Management 
  • Time Managing + Bookkeeping ++ Office Docs 
  • Metaverse + Future Game (Minecraft) 
  • 培养孩子商业头脑,创建自己的公司
  • 现代品牌投资,品牌Logo创意
  • 了解跨境电商行业知识和物流
  • 视觉艺术启蒙,平面设计
  • 文案写手,撰写广告营销稿件
  • 影片营销内容制作,音频和视频剪辑
  • 域名,网站开发和编程
  • 粉丝经济,粉丝培养
  • 社群管理
  • 客户管理
  • 时间管理,记账,办公文档
  • 元宇宙,未来游戏(我的世界)
* 以上课程由GFA会员企业主或者行业专家,以及我们Shadstone团队完成教学。 
  • At least one of the parents needs to be a business owner, or an executive or manager of the company;
  • Children ages 6-16 need to have basic English communication skills;
  • Parents, who want to invest in your kids’ receiving real world, practical skills and insights.
  • GFAVIP members’ kids, can join GFA Kids Club for free.
  • 父母需要至少有一方是企业主,或公司高管,管理职人士;
  • 6-16岁孩子,孩子需要有基础的英语沟通能力;
  • 父母想要投资孩子未来教育,他们愿意让孩子接受现实世界,实操技能和洞察领悟能力方面的教育;
  • GFAVIP Member企业主会员的孩子,可以免费加入GFA Kids Member。

You can sign up to apply to the GFA Kids Club. If your application is approved, you can pay the membership fee and officially become our member. We will arrange a technical class for member kids every month, geared towards learning Real Life Skills, Business and Internet Tech, internet and e-commerce.



👩‍🎓👨‍🎓GFA Kids Club :

775 USD / 5000 RMB (Yearly Fee)

*Special price is 470USD/3000RMB, only Before May30,优惠价,仅限5月30日前加入

  • Every Month One Technical Classes(12 classes)
  • Every Saturday One Time English Open Classes With Teacher Leisle (48times,50mins)
  • Every Sunday One Time GFA Kids Club Member Online Networking Activities (48times,60mins)
  • 会员每月安排一次技能培训课(12节)
  • 会员每周六安排一次Leisle老师英语公开课(48节,50分钟)- 会员每周日安排一次线上会员社交活动(48节,60分钟)

💰Non Member Trial Price:非会员体验价

Technical Classes 技能培训课: 31USD/200RMB

English Open Classes 英语公开课: 7.7USD/50RMB

Networking Activities 会员社交活动 : 15USD/100RMB

💰Member Package Value会员套餐价值

Technical Classes 技能培训课 200RMB*12Times=2400RMB

English Open Classes 英语公开课 40RMB*48Times=1920RMB

Networking Activities 会员社交活动 100RMB*48Times=4800RMB


  • Classes and Activities are arranged on weekdays, except holidays.
  • 课堂安排和活动在工作日,节假日除外
  • Membership is valid for 1 year, the fee once paid, is non-refundable
  • 会员有效期1年,会费一经缴纳,将不予退还。
  • GFA kids members can have the special member price for GFA events or courses.
  • If parents are business owners or executives, they will join in GFAVIP for free.(vip.globalfromasia.com)
  • We can help GFA Kids Club members find and connect with the best private foreign english teacher.
  • Join the weekly  GFA kids member community event.
  • Join the weekly GFA kids member English open class.
  • Join the monthly GFA Kids Technical Class.
  • Join the GFA kids members only group.
  • GFA kids members exclusive access to our online learning materials.
  • Educate kids to become future elites and improve kids’ global social skills.
  • GFA kids 会员可以享受活动或课程会员价
  • 父母如果是企业主或高管,赠送GFA VIP 会员一年(vip.globalfromasia.com)
  • 帮助孩子对接安排合适的1对1外教私教老师
  • 享受每周一次的GFA kids 会员社交活动
  • 享受每周一次英语公开课学习英语
  • 享受每月一次的GFA kids 技能培训课
  • 加入GFA kids 会员专属的交流群
  • 允许GFA kids会员访问我们在线学习教材库
  • 培养孩子成为未来的社会精英,提高孩子的国际的社交能力

Educate Kids on Real Life Business  and Internet Tech



1 on 1, 1 on 2, Private Foreign English Teacher Online Class 


GFA Kids, Helping your kids find and connect with the best private foreign teacher!

GFA Kids 帮助您对接最合适您孩子的外教私教老师!

English Class Content  课堂内容

– Enhancing Speaking skills 提高英语口语能力

– English Free Talking101 英语口语101

– English Grammar 英语语法

– English Conversation 英语会话

– Stories With Activities 故事交流分享

– English Articles 英文写作

– Phonics 自然拼读

– Modern Mathematics 现代数学

– Computer Skills 计算机技能

Two Types of Sessions  课堂类型

– Individual Class 独立课堂

Ideally an individual class is best for the teacher to focus on the student. 独立课堂老师可以更专注的教学一个孩子。

– Group Class For Two Kids 两娃一组

Group classes- it is more fun for kids learning together, and especially for students who don’t have good English level, but at most 2 students per class, because teachers have a hard time teaching.